Tri-Cities COVID-19 PPE

A group of volunteers throughout the Tri-Cities area of Nebraska are working tirelessly to make and deliver faceshields to organizations who need them.

This project was originally launched by members of the Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska (W0WWV), but has since grown far beyond that, across the Tri-Cities area, and includes volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds, not just amateur radio! For a more detailed list of volunteers and statistics about this project, visit Statistics & Thanks!

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Item Information

  • An alternative faceshield design. Each Kit request includes one frame, and two plastic shields. The shields can be re-sterilized and reused.
  • These are mainly for dentists or other professions where loupes or other equipment must be able to be worn under the shield.
  • These take more time and materials to produce, so if possible, use the regular faceshields, but these are available if needed!
  • Full information sheet included with each delivery
  • Instructions for Use
  • Quality Control Protocol
  • Prusa faceshield
  • A small plastic frame with hooks to strap mask elastic bands around, rather than around the ears to avoid soreness.
  • Ear-saver mask strap

How to Help

Do you or someone you know have a 3D printer, laser cutter, or even a vinyl cutter? Or maybe willing to help move materials between makers and the distribution hubs, or deliver to requestees? If you'd like to help out with this project, you can sign up here!

Can't do those things, but still want to help?

If you still want to know how you can contribute to COVID-19 research, check out this write-up on how anyone with a computer at home can be helping, and if you want to, share it with friends!